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About Aborad Consultancy

ABROAD CONSULTANCY is one of the leading visa and migration consultants of Gujarat, India. Based in Ahmedabad, we provide student visa, visitor visa, work permit and immigration consultancy services to preferred countries including but not limited to UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We specialize in assessing clients profiles under various categories in order to provide a wider and unbiased perspective, because we believe that each individual’s goals are unique. Over the past ten years, we have assisted thousands of people with their visa applications. We have successfully enabled over 1000 students to obtain admission and entry clearance to various countries. We have assisted over 200 skilled migrants to get work permits and permanent residence and thereby pursue fruitful career opportunities in developed countries. An innumerable number of people have got tourist visas as a result of our efforts to help them visit the countries of their choice.

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