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There is nothing like Australia – you can just discover your dreams within; your dreams of traveling and visiting through with any of your intentions. Australia has a wide range of experiences to choose from. With you coming to Australia along with any purpose, it will surely be a great pleasure of you. Spectacular locations, unspoilt beaches, breathtaking sceneries, unique wildlife and truly much more than ever seen. Extraordinary Australian cuisines embedded with multicultural food and the most pleasant climate is really a soothing exposure. Truly a country of fun, adventure and innovations!

Geographical Location

Formally, a Commonwealth of Australia covering the territory of Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and groups of small islands. In terms of total area, Australia is the world’s sixth biggest nation. Australia in its deep ancestry with British footprints long back ago accompanied by Dutch explorers is very rich in cultural roots; still leaving preserved traditions in some parts. Australia is one of the wealthiest countries over the globe earning broad reputations ever built.

Capital Canberra as well as as Sydney as the largest city
Population 23,667,800 (2014 Estimate)
Area 2,969,907 square miles (7,692,024 square kilometer)
Currency Australian dollar (AUD)
Official Languages English as de facto national language
Economy As the twelfth largest economy
Tourism In excess of around 100,000 tourists visiting annually
Main Industries World’s forth biggest wine exporter, Tourism, Information and Telecommunication, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Industries and many others
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