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There are just a plenty of reasons to get in and across Ireland. From romantic trip to family excursion all the way through dynamic terrains, Irish comedy to storytelling concerts and from stunning coastline to cultural activities and just much more to view – giving strong purposes to any age group visiting Ireland. Getting over here will certainly be a big mental repose after your long layoff.

Ever strengthening economy and with it the huge reputation of Ireland getting much renowned now, the academia has gained strong reputation over the globe. Students from abroad seem to be choosing it as their ultimate platform of further education; establishing their bright career throughout. From doctorate level study to courses endowed in certificates, Irish education is truly a great excellence.

Geographical Location

Ireland is the third biggest island in Europe, located nearby Great Britain to its west and within the North Atlantic. Ireland is considered as the twentieth biggest island on planet. Ireland as a whole is divided into two including Republic of Ireland (covering almost five-sixth of island) and Northern Ireland (being a part of United Kingdom).

Capital Dublin (Republic of Ireland) as well as the largest city
Belfast (Northern Ireland) as well as the largest city
Population 6,378,000 (as per 2011 census)
Area 32,595 square miles (84,421 square kilometer)
Currency Euro, one of the strongest currencies
Official Languages Mainly English and Irish
Economy Ever prospering economy
Tourism Much favorable by foreign visitors and those from places nearby
Main Industries Mainly Energy Sectors, IT Sectors, Pharmaceutical Industries,
High-Tech Industries, Agriculture, Labour Productivity, Exports and many more
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