Ireland Visitor Visa

Traditionally preserved customs, rich panorama, silent beauty of widespread landscapes well integrated with modern environment and technologically advanced city values – are amongst the best attributes to make Ireland the greatest place to visit. Your purpose of visiting this beautiful country will likely decide upon your final entry in this country. Citizens of many other countries will require permission to visit Ireland.

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Types of Visitor Visas

A visit or holiday visa is usually a short-term stay and should not be exceed more than 90 days. There are important documents that one has to provide along with visa application.

Tourist Visa

As a tourist, you will have to support your intention of visiting someone or some places in Ireland. A visa application will require strong paperwork including documents for your itinerary and financial sufficiency to cover your independent stay over here. Your stay will likely contains expenses incurred throughout your entire stay in Ireland.

Furthermore, there is a program called Short Stay Visa Waiver Program enabled at present, allowing nationals of some countries such as India, Russian Federation and China to enter in Ireland without having a separate Irish Visa if they are on a short-term visa provided by UK consulate. The scheme is going to end on 31 October 2016.

The latest British Irish Visa Scheme (BIVS) with an effect from 13 October 2014 allows Indian and Chinese visitors to freely travel across the Common Travel Area including UK, Ireland (mainly Northern Ireland) – being on UK or Irish short-stay visa authenticated by BIVS. This type of visa is going to replace Irish Visa Waiver Program sooner.

Other Purposes

Entrepreneurs often visit Ireland for various business purposes. They may be on their trip to Ireland for any project, investing grounds, commercial tie-ups or to seek wealthy opportunities; they can apply for business visa, a short-term visa to be permitted. You may be visiting your children, parents, spouse; your going to Ireland may be your medical trip expecting Irish assistance; you may be a government official requiring to visit Irish authority or any administrative department – you would have to seek an entry in Ireland to visit.

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