Medical Visa

An applicant who wishes to visit any country for medical treatment/s can apply for tourist visa. You will need to prove that the medical treatment you are seeking abroad is not available in your home country or you have to provide strong evidences of approaching that treatment outside based on solid reasons. Why the country you are selecting is better than yours needs also to be answered. You must be ready for all the expenses that are incurred throughout your medical stay abroad.

Abroad Consultancy is the Best Immigration and Visa Consultant, Agent in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)! We offer an expert medical visa counseling including preparation of one’s Visa Applications, Visa Documents, Consulate Interviews and other visa-related arrangements.

Such tourist visa may not favor an entry into any country in terms of pleasure but to seek medical aids at an urgency. The individuals (especially patients) must fulfill the visa requirements including necessary paperwork, financial adequacy, social ties locally and especially the genuinity of their medical purposes. We remain with our clients till end.

An individual who is seeking medical aids and the person/s who is going to attend him or her during their stay will also be entitled to get visa. Visa stay is granted for particular time as required. And in case of further stay, the visa needs to be extended depending upon the reasons and formalities set.

Abroad Consultancy highly ensures better and faster visa preparation for you to have an ever effective medical trip from abroad.

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