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New Zealand is the country of better residing, studying and working systems; ever offering the world-class standards of living to residents. It is a well-grown and well-connected nation with rest of the world along with lots of opportunities borne within. If you are looking for higher qualifications, working opportunities or migration is just your lookout, NZ is an ideal destination for you. Its landscapes are enriched with the real geographical beauty and are thus one of the most visited places by tourists coming from almost every corner of the world. Technology is also a great achievement to them in many sectors, raising a plenty of openings for further education and working thereby for both locals and overseas folks – really a balanced life-work background!

Geographical Location:

The New Zealand is an island state, which is located in the southern part of the continent of Australia, in southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is made up of North Island, South Island along with other smaller land zones. The more number of New Zealand’s inhabitants are from British ancestry.

With growing numbers in immigrants and a touch of globalization has broadly influenced country’s culture. New Zealand’s assorted landscapes and possessions, full with various sorts of commercial production opportunities, have uplifted many chances for foreign comers to visit, work and settle down in NZ.

Capital Wellington, with Auckland being the largest city
Population 4,509,461 (2014 Census)
Area 103,483 square miles (268,021 square kilometer)
Climate −The weather is maritime and mild; geographical isolation sees distinct climate changes as chiller, gloomier, drizzlier and sunnier
Currency New Zealand Dollar (NZD) (often known as Kiwi Dollar), one of the strongest currencies in the World
Official Languages About 95% of New Zealanders speak English followed by Maori (around 4%) and NZ Sign Language (around 0.6%)
Economy One of the most innovative, wealthy and developed economies; ranked higher in Human Development Index; economy has deeply been contributed by milk and dairy industry, agriculture products, farming, timber market; NZ’s free-trade treaties with developing & developed countries puts its manufacturing & construction industry on peak
Tourism Tourism plays a major role in NZ’s economy, backing well to it GDP distribution. The NZ possesses a great richness in landscape & water bodies, abundantly resourceful beauty. The country is famous for animal and bird species of countless sorts; the city interior is quite contemporary designs, yet possesses an uncompromised tradition & culture
Main Industries Being largely the producer of dairy products, agriculture fertility, mining and fishing products, NZ exports commodities of lot more varieties to other countries; again, tourism is one of the prime players to build its economy stronger & securer
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