New Zealand Visitor Visa

Are you planning to make a visit to New Zealand? Your wish going to NZ would never be left disappointed. As a whole, in view of traveler’s experience, New Zealand has always remained at forefront being everyone’s choice. The quality life, diverse cultures and conserved traditions have made this country full of life, together with its unbeaten phases of outdoor pursuits too.

Applying a visitor visa would necessitate you to going through necessary requirements, which range from document arrangements to finance affordability. Abroad Consultancy is one of the most trusted New Zealand Visitor Visa and Immigration Consultants, Agents in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India.

Our New Zealand Visiting Visa Services include precise paperwork (making applications, documentations, itinerary etc.), visa preparation for personal interviews and other visa-related requirements. Make sure where you would fall amongst the reasons given below. Our team of visa experts will guide you through your whole process until a successful end.

Types of Visitor Visas

Visitor visa permits you to stay in New Zealand for a certain amount of time.

See various visa categories

Visiting Family and Friend Visa Allows you to seek an entry in NZ for the time, allotted or required by you to visit your family, friends

Tourist Visa

Allows you to come in NZ on any tour, depending upon your itinerary plan!

Business Visa

Allows you to visit NZ for any business-related trip that has a link to any of industrial entities (in New Zealand) with your localized company

Sports/Artists Visa

Allows you to participate in any sports-related activities; permits your entry for your artistic workmanship

Spousal Visa

Allows a person to seek an entry into NZ, who has married to someone with NZ citizenship

Short-Term Study Visa

Allows a total of three-month period of study within 12-month time, until your visa validity

Official Visit Visa

Visa for diplomats, government employees/authorities


Other visa classes may include religious/charitable workers, representatives of NGOs & religious groups, crewmembers on ships & aircrafts

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