Schengen Visa

The Schengen Visa is a travel document that validates your leave in Schengen area, mainly covering 26 European countries in total. They hold their centralized system, eradicating a need for passport or any other border control at their common borders. To international travelers, Schengen areas are the easiest places to visit requiring them to have only a common visa policy. The area is called Schengen just following the name of Schengen Agreement (1995). Although Schengen areas are internally border free, the external border control is believed to be much stricter to non-Schengen states.

Schengen areas largely believe in offering free movements of information, services, financial transactions or other facilities to all.

Entering the Schengen Area
All non-EEA (Non-European Economic Area) require a Schengen visa to seek an entry for various purposes including visiting, studying or employment. Schengen visa in a system is nearly similar to the visa requirements imposed by UK government applying for UK tourist visa. Travel visa is applied for specific period of time, necessitating the visitors to leave the Schengen area after an end of validated period to stay within.

Following states, participating in Schengen Area:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland

Following countries, yet not participating in Schengen Area
Out of total 28 EU (European Union) members, 22 states are included in Schengen Agreement. Other six states that are separate, not participating in Schengen are:

United Kingdom Ireland Cyprus
Romania Bulgaria Croatia

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Benefits of Schengen Scheme

  • Schengen visa as mentioned above will let you visit all territories included within Schengen Area for a specific time as allotted in your validated document.
  • A comfortable trip around Europe is mainly attributed to its big amendments made through in Schengen Agreement, removing all complex and disruptive border control systems and checkpoints existed earlier.
  • Since a majority of Schengen states are also included in EU, the control over customs has also been eliminated to ease an access amongst nation states.
  • Since you are on a Schengen Business Visa, your legal document does not anyway provide you an authority to seek employment (work). For the same, one has to apply for work permits, depending upon various eligibility criteria and skills possessed by you.
  • Visa Holders may apply with their various purposes such as attending the conference, official meetings with traders or customers and accordingly will get their visa granted for particular period of time.
  • Being granted a leave for Schengen Area only means a temporary stay, not intending to provide you a permanent residency in any of the nations.

Schengen visas are usually applied in three categories – The Transit Visa, Airport Transit Visa and the Short Stay Visa. For travel visas, usually multiple entry visas are granted with a maximum stay of 90 days to participate the states, not reaching a period of more than six months. Participants would need to return to their native countries subsequently!