Studying in UK

Student Visa Application Process:

  • Take the IELTS test and get the required score
  • Arrange for required balance in your bank account
  • We shall secure admission for you in a course that suits you and get offer letter
  • Pay college fees via bank draft (the draft will be sent to the college only if you get a visa, otherwise it is fully refundable within 24 hours)
  • Get your CAS (Confirmation of acceptance of studies)
  • We’ll set up an appointment at the local VFS for submission of your application
  • Your visa application forms will be filled up
  • Give your biometric info and submit your application for a Tier 4 visa

Higher Education in the UK

Providing Student Visa services to the UK is our forte. It is one of the countries that offer the most opportunities to international students in terms of knowledge as well as career progress. A management or business qualification from the UK is highly regarded the world over.

Higher education is offered by Colleges which are eligible to award diplomas and Universities which award degrees. A “diploma” or “degree” in itself is not exceptionally relevant in the UK as a qualification, as long as the National Qualifications Framework NQF Level is pertinent.

Institutes we have tied up with

  • Academic College of London (ACL)
  • Oxbridge College of IT & Management
  • Concepts College
  • London School of Management Education

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Course Fees English Requirement Funding & Finance Visa Processing Time Further Stay
Around Rs. 3.5 lakhs per year IELTS 4.0 in each module Rs. 6 lakhs in Bank Saving A/c in the name of student for 1 month Around 15 days 2 year work-permit after PG-level course, unlimited student visa extension up to that