Dipak Patel

I simply owe my career to Abroad Consultancy. After my schooling I was at a loss for career options and my area of interest was what many would call obscure–Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, ABROAD not only helped me find a suitable course in the USA, they also gave me comprehensive training for the visa interview (my English was weak). Unlike most of my friends, I succeeded in getting a student visa to the US the very first time I applied for it.

Haresh Patel

Get this… I passed my 12th Standard on my fourth attempt, I was refused a student visa to the UK five times after trying out the services of various so-called agents. I decided to try one last time and enlisted the services of Abroad Consultancy and guess what?? My visa was issued without a hitch in under a week!

Mrs. Jahnvi Shukla

My daughter went to the UK for higher studies five years ago. Her admission and visa application was wholly managed by Abroad Consultancy. I remember the day clearly because she was the only one to get a student visa to the UK from the Mumbai High Commission that day. Since then, she has got a work permit and is settled with her husband in the UK. I recently got a 2-year visitor visa to the UK with the help of ABROAD and I and my family are delighted by their service.