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The United Kingdom is the 8th largest destination for tourism of the world. Around 32 million foreign visitors are said to have been spent approximately US$17.2 billion in UK during the year of 2013. The country possesses a lot more scenic values evenly distributed amongst the places. UK is a perfect combination of nature and modernization with preserved cultural values; hence providing much opportunities to foreign visitors, students, immigrants and people with various purposes. London as always has remained the main attraction of UK; providing with an ideal place to come and stay.

The UK environment although witnessing seasonal climate changes would usually remain pleasant; with mild, maximum and minimum temperatures. A number of immigrants are drastically being welcomed by it. UK is just the most amusing place for leisure activities including the nicest and a variety of cuisines to experience, sightseeing, philosophies and much. Transportation system is truly well connected with centers and outskirts too. UK serves as the greatest approachable place for international students with most valuable academic and practical exposures sought through. Multiculturalism promotes better prospects for people to come from abroad and enjoy it at the most.

Geographical Location:

The United Kingdom (often known as Britain) is an island, situated in Western Europe. It is mainly made up of island of Great Britain, along with Ireland to its northwestern part, surrounded by other small neighboring islands as well. UK shares coastlines with Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the North Sea around it.

Capital London, the leading Centre of Global Economy
Population 63,181,775 (2011 approximation)
Area 94,058 square miles (243,610 square kilometer)
Climate (−11 °C) 12 °F to (35 °C) 95 °F
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP), the third-largest currency in the World
Official Languages English
Economy The Sixth Largest Economy Over the world and the Third Largest Economy in Europe
Tourism Rated as the Sixth prime tourist place in the world
Main Industries Largely agricultural sector, mechanical equipments, rail route tools, shipping constructions, electronics & communications equipment, fuel industry, food industry, fabrics, apparels and electric power tools
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