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If you are planning to learn, live and grow in the United States, doubtlessly it is going to be your wisest decision taken however. American environment enriched with strong ways of living is just a perfect place to foster with. World-class economy, outstanding educational and business openings and the most pleasurable lifestyle would be certainly a real beauty. Diversity in culture, richness in landscapes, demographic varieties, prospective industrial exposures and a lot more valuable criteria would just serve this land as one’s dream place, adapting to various requirements. A nation of full of opportunities – all you want to do is to grab the right option that can best outfit your preference; getting through ultimate gains ever expected.

Geographical Location:

A land of opportunity – The strongest economy, rich in natural resources, excellent infrastructures and glittering lifestyles; all along with higher career prospects! The United States of America (USA) (known as United States, America) consists of 50 states, a federal constituency with many other territories.

Overall, the US is a federation of states with democrat form in authority. A majority of residents are from ethically diversified nationalities, migrated from many countries. The federal district, Washington and about 48 per cent of states are located in the central part of North America, surrounded by Canada and Mexico, over and below. The country is also extended towards Pacific and Caribbean in population.

Capital Washington D.C. with New York being the largest city
Population 317,606,000 (2013 Census), third world’s largest by population
Area 3,794,101 square miles (9,826,675 square kilometer), fourth largest by region in the world
Climate The U.S weather varies in accordance with a positioning of its States, varyingly placed in latitude, featured by various geographical varieties. Usually, the climate ranges from humid continental, tropical, cool marine with much more variations
Currency United States Dollar (USD), one of the strongest currencies in the world
Official Languages Mainly English
Economy One of the world’s biggest mixed economies; gets uplifted by its multiple environmental resources along with higher productivity industries
The world’s largest electrical & nuclear energy producer, being No.1 at producing agriculture products such as corn and soybeans as well
Tourism Multicultural traditions, plenty of landscapes, meditative natural vicinities along with vibrant city styles & designs, all within scientifically proven safe environment – a place with lots of fun & joy
Main Industries The US is ranked No.1 importer and the second largest exporter in terms of trades, associated with smaller-to-bigger countries. Service sectors, chemical instrument manufacturing, agricultural products, mining industry, automobile sectors, nuclear energy production together with the world-class educational sectors as well
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